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Henna mehndi products, organic earrings,
beaded shoes, glass bangles, bindi...we sell FUN!

Our product mix has been carefully selected to offer high quality, a large selection, and head-turning style.  I hate walking into a party and having on the same coat or shoes as someone else, and that's why we have our items made specially in such limited quantities.  Personal style should be distinctive, memorable, and easy.

We work with family businesses in India and Pakistan, because we feel it's important to support communities instead of big factories.  Working with these smaller businesses has allowed us to build relationships with our suppliers that enable us to keep quality high and customize our designs to work with our customers needs and current American styles.

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Organic Earrings  ♦  Khussa Indian Shoes  ♦  Glass Bangles 
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Bangle Displays

Organic earrings, wood pin earrings, horn split expanders, bone stirrup earings and shell earrings.Organic Earrings: Wood, Bone, Horn, and Shell

Beachcombers Organics is a new line of tribal style earrings for normally pierced ears made from natural materials including wood, bone, horn, and shell. 

Organic earrings have long been a part of traditional tribal piercings and have made their way to the USA in the form of gauged body jewelry and stretched lobes.  Now you can get the look without have to gauge or stretch your ears!  Our organic earrings fit most normally pierced ears!

Tribal style earrings made from natural organic materials for normally pierced ears.  Gauged ears or stretched lobes are not needed!

Jody & Asad, Beachcombers Organics for wood earrings in OrlandoOrganic wood earrings, pin earrings or stirrup earring style

The earrings that look like your ears are stretched or gauged are known as fake tapers or split expanders.  We also have the pin or stick style earrings.

For more information and online shopping...
Organic Tribal Earrings

Check out Wayan, his family, and apprentices!



Khussa Indian Shoes - Beachcombers Way

Khussa are also called juttie, jutti, or majorie, but are most often referred to as Indian shoes (even though they can be made in India, Pakistan, or China.  I consider khussa shoes our signature item because it is the first product we were able to find a small family supplier to work with. 

We are able to work closely with our shoe supplier to have our khussa made with top quality leather, which is very difficult to find in khussa shoes.  Without quality leather, khussa don't break-in properly, can irritate your skin, develop a foul odor, and will only last a few times wearing them out.  Our khussa mold beautifully to the shape of your feet and, with care, can last a long while.  I even have khussa shoes 3 years old that I still wear!

Beachcombers khussa are made using highly cleaned leather with real cotton stitching.  Each shoe is complete hand done, including the intricate beading, sequin, and embroidered thread work. 

Style is a big factor in working with a small family supplier.  We are able to custom design our shoes in colors and styles to meet your needs and stay on top of emerging trends.

Shop our online catalog of khussa Indian shoes

Below are pictures of the small family business we work with. 
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Buy Indian Jutti Khussa online...

Glass Bangles - Beachcombers Way about a hard to find product!  I would guess that we have the largest selection of glass bangles (typically called Indian bangles or wedding bangles) in the United States.  We keep over half a million bangles in stock in a selection of 3 different sizes, 2.6 Small, 2.10 Medium/Large, and 2.12 Extra-Large.

Again, we work with a small family business in Pakistan for our glass bangles.  Our last large order enabled them to build a third bangle oven, which is VERY exciting!  Our bangles are custom made for us in bulk and then I create the actual sets from these bangles.  Each and every set is hand created and checked to make sure there are no broken or cracked bangles.

One of the coolest things about our bangle selection is the 2.12 XL bangles.  This size is custom made for us.  Asad's mom has large hands, and she used to tell us stories about when she was a little girl, her older sisters would go to the bazaar and come back with all these gorgeous glass bangles.  They would give her "big ugly bangles" because they didn't make glass bangles in her size.  She used to cry and wish for small hands so that she could wear the beautiful glass bangles that her sisters were able to wear.  Now she can!  Once we got our 2.12 XL bangles in, we gave her a selection of bangles in every single style and color!  Now, she has a bigger bangle collection that her sisters ever did!

Shop our online catalog of Indian glass bangles

Below are pictures of the small family business we work with. 
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

How To Find Your Bangle Size

Learn How to Put Glass Bangles On Without Breakage

Buy Indian glass bangles online...

Henna Tattoos - Beachcombers Way

Henna is all about knowledge, and when I started doing henna, I had none!  That's why I make sure you have plenty of knowledge when you buy henna from Beachcombers Bazaar. I wrote a henna booklet that not only includes basic instructions, but also henna safety information, a trouble shooting guide, sealer information, henna designs (easy to moderately hard), the basic components to a henna design, and much more.  You can also purchase henna design eBooks written by me.

Buy fresh Jamila henna powder in Orlando. Henna powder shipped worldwide. Most of our customers do not have much experience with henna, so I created easy to use starter kits at a variety of price points to help get you started.  Henna is a very personal thing and everyone has their own preferences.  Our starter henna kits let you try out a few different ways of doing henna so that you kind find what you like best.  Once you know what you like, you only have to re-order henna, because most of the kits already come with the henna accessories that are nice to have when doing henna.  Clever, don't you think?

One of the coolest things I've done to help educate people about henna is my henna help site,  This site has just about all you need to know to do your own henna.  It includes a ton of pictures and even tips from fellow henna artists.  There are very few questions about henna that are not found on the site, so have fun visiting!

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Indian Bindi - Beachcombers Way

Bindi...not just for foreheads anymore!  Bindi has many different meanings and uses.

Bindi As Tilak
Tilak is a mark on the body with religious significance.  Many married Hindu women wear the traditional red dot (normally sindoor powder rather than a sticker style bindi) and single Hindu women often wear the traditional black dot as a form of tilak.  Bindi is just one of many different forms of tilak, as are marks on the feet, horizontal or vertical lines on the face, and such.

Bindi As a Chakra Focus
Forehead bindi is often used as a way to focus the 6th chakra (Ajna) of the body, concealed wisdom or the inner eye.  Wearing bindi on the forehead helps harness energy and increase concentration.  Wearing a black bindi on the forehead is thought to ward off negativity.  I find that I am able to make a better connection with others when wearing bindi on the forehead in the 6th chakra location.

Bindi As Fashion
Not many fashions make as big a statement as wearing bindi!  Bindi is heavily worn as a fashion accessory just for fun, and not just on the forehead.  Bindi can be worn anywhere.  You can find bindi worn at the corner of the eyes, on the chin, or even as a "nose ring" on the face.  Bindi look great on the chest in between the collar bone or even just above cleavage like a floating necklace.  The arm, wrist, lower back, belly, or ankle...the possibilities are endless!  You are only bound by your imagination, so let loose!

Bindi and Henna
Bindi can often be found decorating henna tattoos.  Sometimes bindi is used while the henna is still drying and sometimes after the henna has been removed and the henna stain is left on the skin.  No matter when you pair bindi with henna, it always adds pizzazz and fun!

Bindi and Crafts
Bindi can be used to decorate scrapbook pages, picture frames, dollhouse furniture, or any craft you like.  I've even seen women apply bindi to their purse, shoes, and cell phones!

As with all our products, the point is, make it your own!  Have fun with it!

Shop our online catalog of Indian bindi body stickers

Buy Indian Bindi Body Stickers online...

Bangle Display Stands - Beachcombers Way

When we found bangle stands, they had fallen out-of-fashion in India.  What!?  How could something so beautiful and so useful fall out of fashion?  This was a fashion that desperately needed to be revived.  since my own bangles were hidden away in old shoe boxes, I immediately fell in love with bangle stands.  They held my bangles in a safe easy-to-access way, that also made my bedroom gorgeous.  I even placed a stand full of glass bangles in my living room.  Gorgeous!

We knew that we needed to find someone to make bangle stands for our customers' growing bangle collections.  In searching for a manufacturer, we learned all the things to look out for with bangle display stands, lol!  We found that bugs were sometimes an issue, and that the metal that is traditionally nailed on the tips of the arms was a problem.  The nails would rust and split the wood.  Not to mention, we needed someone willing to work with all new designs instead of just the standard old typical design.

Well we found someone!  Our stands are made from a not-so-small-anymore family business in a small Indian village.  The business started out as a very small wooden handi-craft family business.  The current proprietor used to run the family handi-crafts to a nearby town to sell when he was a boy.  That boy went on to University in England and has brought that small family business to a major exporter of wooden Indian hand-crafts.  He supplies to Pier One Imports and World Market, along with us!  During all of this expansion, he has managed to keep the charm of all hand-work still created by the locals.  There is also a scholarship program for the local children.  Now that's what it is all about!

We expanded our selection of traditional dark wood stands to include a variety of different stains and finishes and a variety of different shapes. We even worked together to create a wall hanging display designed by Asad.  We are proud to offer a large selection of bangle display stands that are completely hand-made and custom designed especially for us!

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