Serving Orlando’s henna needs since 2004!


That’s us! I’m Jody and that good-looking guy is my other (sometimes better) half, Asad. We started our little business as a fun part-time venture in 2002, and it turned into a full-time real business in 2004.

Beginning online, we opened a retail store in College Park, just outside of downtown Orlando in 2008. We had the boutique until we moved to bigger digs in 2013 that holds our warehouse, office, and henna studio (no retail store). This is where we still reside.

Jody (that’s me!) – Henna Artist

Orlando Henna Artist Jody Beachcombers

So, I’m Jody and I’m the resident henna artist here at Beachcombers. I select all of our henna items, do the henna testing, and write instructions.

As the head Beachcombers’ henna artist I offer henna tattoos, by appointment, at the Beachcombers henna studio along with on-site henna parties. Best job ever, right?!

It gets better! I also teach henna workshops and classes here at the studio and at henna conferences throughout the country. This is the good stuff!

Asad – My Better Half!

Asad of Beachcombers Henna Supply in Orlando Florida

That’s Asad squeezed into the Mercury capsule at Kennedy Space Center. Yup, we are proud nerds! That’s good for you, because it means you get items that we’ve done a ton of research about. That’s what nerds do; research!

Asad keeps the gears running here at Beachcombers and is the charm of our little business. He is the reason your order gets shipped as fast as lightning!


In addition to henna supplies, we sell cool stuff. It’s cool stuff that I once had a hard time getting myself (at least in good quality), and that’s why we now offer it.

I do most of the designing of our products and then work with small family businesses in India, Pakistan, and Indonesia to have them made. No big factories for us! This allows me to be sure that we get high quality products that aren’t just mass-produced junk, keeping things special and exclusive for you (and for me!).

Khussa Indian shoes in Orlando Florida
Wooden split expander fake taper earrings Orlando Florida
Indian glass bangles in Orlando Florida

We also offer tons of information about our items. Shoes come with break-in instructions, glass bangles come with instructions to put them on, and henna comes with an entire free Henna Learning Center.

Vaccinated Henna Artist