Orlando Henna Pickup

No-Contact Lockbox Henna Pickup

Buy henna in Orlando

Picking up your henna package is easy!

Once paid, your Orlando henna pickup will be placed in the lockbox before the arranged time.

You can pick up your order, using your personal lockbox code, anytime AFTER that the arranged drop time.

If you haven’t placed an order yet,
instructions are here.

If you have not yet scheduled a pickup, you can arrange a time for us to place your order in the lockbox using any of the following methods:

Once Pickup is Scheduled…

Your Orlando henna pickup can be accessed ANYTIME AFTER the arranged time (even if it’s on the weekend or in the evenings when we are not here). The lockbox is by the rear double doors at the top of the driveway on Drake Dr.

Input your personal code (given to you via email or phone), remove your package, and close the lid. Be sure to remember to input the # icon. You will hear a series of beeps and the box will unlock. 

Remove only your package, which will be clearly marked with your name. Please double-check that you have the correct package if there is more than one in the lockbox.

If your order is inside a cooler, please remove your order and leave the cooler and ice packs in the lockbox.

Pickup henna kits in Orlando

Our address is 8503 Forest City Rd, Orlando, FL 32810. There is no sign on the building, but the directions in Google are correct.

Thanks again for your business! We appreciate you shopping with us.

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Online Scheduling: Our online scheduler lets you see the next available time we can process your order. You can pick up your order anytime AFTER we place it in the lockbox, even if it’s on the weekend or in the evening. 

We are shipping as normal. If you are local, standard shipping is normally only 1-2 days and shipping is free on orders over $50.