Orlando Event Entertainment: Henna Artist

Add the art of henna to your next Orlando event entertainment!

Need henna for less than 30 people? See our Small Henna Party page.

If you are not looking to hire a henna artist, but to just have some henna done on you, visit our Orlando henna studio.

Professional henna artist in Orlando Florida.

Large Corporate-Style Event Entertainment

Hire us for super-fast event entertainment henna. We henna as many people as possible within a certain amount of time with gorgeous body art. 

We can henna 15-20 people per-hour per-henna-artist with small but stylish henna designs.

Travel outside of the Orlando area is available.

This is the perfect event entertainment for any type of venue…

  • Grand Openings
  • Customer/Employee Appreciation Days
  • Convention Entertainment
  • Business/Corporate Event Entertainment
  • Charity/Fundraisers

Marketing materials are provided for your use in advertising our henna at your event.

Three Hour Large Event Only $600

We offer one or more professionally trained artists, depending on your needs. Additional time/artists are available for $150 per hour/artist.

Large Event Entertainment Henna Artist Includes:

  • 3 hours of quality, safe, professional henna
  • Additional time and/or additional artists can be purchased at $150 per hour.
  • Henna for 15-20 per hour depending on the size of the designs and a consistent well-managed line.
  • Attractive compact set-up
  • Safe hygiene practices to stop germ spread
  • With or without glitter (your color theme can be matched)
  • Special themed designs are available with enough notice
  • Includes travel up to 1 hour from Orlando
  • Marketing materials are provided for your use in advertising our henna at your event.

Three Hour Event Only $600

Event Entertainment Henna Party Designs
Sample event entertainment henna designs for 15+ people per hour (3-4 minutes per henna design).

Henna is done by Jody. All pictures on this site are actual pictures of her work and the henna paste is mixed personally by Jody. This is professional quality SAFE henna, not hobbyist henna. If you need additional artists, their work will be of the same quality, but in their own “henna-handwriting”.

How It Works

Fill out the below short booking-inquiry to see if we are available for your event. Be as thorough as possible. There is a section for notes to ask questions or clarify responses.

You will be contacted within one business day (Monday-Friday) to confirm availability, answer questions, and get further details to customize our services to your event.

Once all information is obtained, then a contract will be sent to you and the booking fee collected. The remainder of the fee is due at least 7 days before the booking date.

NOTE: If you do not hear back in one business day, contact us. It means something went wrong, and your request did not go through.

Terms and Conditions

Your date is saved for 3 business days after submission. A booking fee of $100 per artist will save the date beyond that time. This is a non-refundable booking fee and is applied to the final price. You can also opt to pay complete payment at the time of booking.

The remainder of the payment is due at least 7 days before the event date.

If you pay the complete payment upfront and you need to cancel, your payment will be refunded, minus the booking fee.

We accept PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, and Credit Cards for payment.

Get Henna Products in Orlando

Vaccinated Henna Artist

Looking for a smaller henna party?

Check out our basic henna party for up to 20 people by clicking on the below picture.

Sample Henna Party Designs
Sample henna party designs for 20-person 2-hour party.