Budget Henna Workshop

Two Hour Budget Henna Class

In addition to our customized 3 hour private henna classes, we offer this modified version of our Simply Henna 101 workshop for only $250. Additional students can be added for $100 each.

This is a non-customized ready-to-go workshop that covers the basics of henna and is held at our henna studio. Unlike our fully customized Foundation classes, this can be scheduled with only 3 days notice. It’s available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 2:00 pm.

Perfect for the henna beginner or the intermediate henna artist on a budget.

Class Covers:

  • Two hours of instruction and hands-on work
  • The science of how henna works
  • Henna safety
  • Mixing instructions and mini demo
  • Henna design techniques (how to build a design)
  • Hands on practice

Class Includes:

  • Two hours of instruction
  • Henna workbook with complete notes
  • Henna kit
  • All supplies used in class

Scheduling The Budget Henna Workshop

The Two Hour Budget Henna Workshop is limited in times and is easily scheduled online here.

Once a date has been agreed upon/scheduled, payment is taken over the phone or through an online invoice. Payment is due immediately to save the date and begin prep work for the class. Payment must be paid at least 3 days before workshop date.

Important Information About Payment And Cancellations

– Complete payment must be made at time of booking though online invoice or over the phone. Workshop prep will not begin until payment is received.
– Payment must be made at least 3 days before workshop date.
– The Budget Henna Workshop can be scheduled online for any available slot.
– There are no refunds for cancellations. Rescheduling is available for another day within a 30 day window.  Rescheduling for dates further out will require an additional $20 prep fee.


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