Henna Business Consultations

Online Henna Help and Business Advice

Creating Your Own Henna Business?

We offer personal remote consulting services by the hour. This is a custom service to answer your questions about henna or building a henna business.

You can select either a Zoom video conference or a phone call.

These are some popular topics that we are asked. All of these topics cannot be well covered in a one-hour consultation so think about what you need most.

You are not limited to these topics, and we can make changes during the session to meet your needs.

  • Making henna paste
  • Developing quality practice
  • Developing business organization
  • Financial organization and planning
  • Marketing
  • Business branding
  • Making the most of festivals, parties, and/or one-on-one appointments
  • Pricing help per design and per hour
  • Design book help
  • Customer retention/acquisition
  • Other business or henna related topics

There are a few things we do not offer…

  • We do not share our suppliers’ information, sources, or anything we consider proprietary to our business.
  • We cannot give you advice about business requirements for your specific area, though we can point your toward where to find this information.
  • We are not lawyers and cannot give specific advice on law topics.
  • We are not certified accounts and cannot give specific advice on accounting issues, but we can give general advice and help with basic understandings of accounting principles.

How Consultations Work

  • To schedule a day and times, email (jody@BeachcombersBazaar.com) or call. Have some sample dates and times that you prefer and we will try to mesh our schedule with yours.
  • You will receive a confirmation email shortly after scheduling.
  • Within one business day (Monday-Friday), an invoice is sent that is due within two business days.
  • Then you will get a call (or Zoom conference) from Jody on the day and time of your scheduled consultation at the phone number you provided during scheduling.
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Tips to Make Your Consultation More Productive

  • Choose either a Zoom video conference or a phone call.
  • Give us a list of questions/topics after payment. If there is something we are not qualified to speak about, we’ll let you know in advance.
  • Try to focus on questions and topics that are not easy to research on your own.
  • Be sure the phone number/internet connection provided has a good clear connection.
  • Take notes and/or record the session.
  • Arrange to be in a quiet place without distractions for the duration of the call.

Consultation services are available at the rate of $100 per hour. Consultations are with Jody Rogers. Asad is available for specific questions in his fields of expertise. One or both may contribute to your session.

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