Private Henna Classes in Orlando

Private Henna Workshops and Classes in Orlando

Private henna classes are available for a fee of $500. Additional students can be added for  $100 per student and is limited to 10 people.

If this is not in your budget, we offer open Quarterly henna classes in our Orlando office and studio.  These are not private but offer the very best value and are limited to 12 people per class. Details are here.

Our comprehensive classes are structured professionally taught classes. They are not informal classes taught by a hobbyist or someone without teaching experience. The goal of our private henna classes is to pack in as much information as possible and create a strong foundation for henna growth, along with support material for home use.

Foundation Henna Classes (3 Hour Intensives)

We have two different Foundation classes to choose from; Henna 101 and The Business of Henna.  Additional one hour Labs can be added onto either Foundation class.

Foundation Class 1:  Henna 101 The Art and Science of Henna

This class is for the beginning or intermediate henna artist. If you are not mixing your own henna, THIS is the class to take. This class lays the foundation for clean henna lines and design.

Class Covers:

  • Three hours of instruction
  • Brief history of henna
  • The science of how henna works
  • Henna safety
  • Hands on mixing instructions
  • Henna design and art techniques
  • Application techniques
  • Hands on practice
  • Private classes can be modified to meet your needs

Class Includes:

  • Three hours of instruction
  • Henna workbook with complete notes
  • Complete henna kit
  • Practice eBook for follow-up home practice
  • Additional design eBooks

Foundation Class 2:  The Business of Henna

This class is for the henna artist that already has a henna business or wants to create a henna business. You should already know the basics of henna and be mixing your own henna paste to take this class. Basics are not covered in this class but are necessary for a successful henna business.

If you need the basics AND want to learn about the business of henna, you should book the 101 class and add a business lab to it.

The Business of Henna class is tailored specifically to your needs. Below are some sample topics, but each class is adjusted specifically to you.

Class Topics:

  • Three hours of instruction/consultation
  • Pricing per design and hourly
  • Utilizing contracts efectively
  • Organizing your business
  • Financial organization and planning
  • Marketing
  • Business branding
  • Festivals, parties, and/or one-on-one henna appointments
  • Customer retention/acquistion
  • Design book help

Class Includes:

  • Three hours of instruction
  • Henna workbook with complete notes
  • Customizable contract

Henna Labs

Additional one hour labs can be added to either Foundation Henna Class.  Henna Labs are single topic based intensives on a variety of subjects. Subjects include design based labs and business based labs. You can see a list of our Henna Lab topics here. With notice, we can custom create a lab for you.

Private Henna Class Pricing

Private henna classes are available for a fee of $500. Additional students can be added for $100 per student and is limited to 10 people.

Additional one hour labs can be added for $100. Additional people can be added for $50 per person. Labs cannot be purchased without a Foundation class.

Scheduling Private Henna Classes

We do not have an online scheduler for private classes, because available times are different for private classes than our other services. To schedule a day and time for a private class, email or call. Have some sample dates and times available and we will try to mesh our schedule with yours.

Once a date has been agreed upon, payment is taken over the phone or through an invoice. Payment is due immediately to save the date and begin any prep work for the class.

Important Information about Payment and Cancellations

– Complete payment must be made at time of booking.
– Classes must be scheduled and paid at least 1 week before class date.
– Due to the massive amounts of preparation and work that go into a creating a private class, there are no refunds for cancellations. Rescheduling may be available for another day within a 30 day window.  Rescheduling for dates further out will require an additional $100 prep fee.