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Beachcombers Orlando Henna Studio
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8503 Forest City Rd
Orlando Florida, 32810

407-236-7878  or email

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Guild of Henna Artists of Orlando: Henna artists' working together!

Guild of Henna Artists of Orlando

Bonding, Supporting, & Strengthening
Our Orlando Henna Community

    Guild (gild) noun
    1. An association of people for mutual aid and the promotion of common interests
    2. A medieval association of merchants or craftsmen
    3. An association for sharing the arts and mysteries of a common craft 

We have an amazing talented community of henna artists here in Orlando, and in central Florida in general.  It's time to band together!  Let's support each other and spread the energy and the art of mehndi to all!

Join us for our occasional meetings at Beachcombers Bazaar!
  • Meet & network with fellow henna artists
  • Talk about how to improve your henna business and get more clients
  • Grow your henna business
  • Discuss henna tips & tricks
  • Trouble-shoot henna problems & challenges
  • Workshops and guest speakers (occasionally)
  • Get henna on your "naked" hand!
  • Guild members get henna discounts at Beachcombers Bazaar

Let's make Orlando known, across the nation, for a tight-knit talented henna artist community!
We are better artists for working together to create good energy, positive intentions, and an uplifting henna community for us all.

Club Meeting Info:

    Date:  Thursday, October 24, 2013
    Time:  6:00 - 8:00ish (or longer)
    Location:  Beachcombers Offices & Henna Studio

    8503 Forest City Rd, Orlando FL 32810
    Directions Here

Sorry, no children at the meeting.  No exceptions.

Bring your business cards if you have them, and henna paste if you'd like to participate in hennaing our naked hands.

Get ready for some fun!
Questions?  Email Jody!

Henna Mixing Instructions

Beachcombers Offices & Henna Studio
8503 Forest City Rd, Orlando FL 32810
Directions Here



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