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FAQ for Henna Appointments at Beachcombers Bazaar
Henna with Intention™ by Jody

What to expect when getting a henna tattoo at our henna studio in Orlando Florida.

central Florida henna artist, Jody of Beachcombers Bazaar, Orlando hennaWhen can I make a henna appointment?
We accept appointments for henna tattoos at the henna studio at the Beachcombers Bazaar office.
Tuesday - Friday 10:00 - 4:00

All henna is by appointment only. 

If your henna is for a special occasion, it's best to schedule your henna two or three days before your event for the best color of your henna tattoo.

Henna appointments are scheduled via phone
407-236-7878 or email. Give details about how much henna you want so I can schedule enough time for you.

Need henna at another time or at your home/event? 
Try our local Orlando henna artist list.

$35 This bold but elegant floral henna design is up to full color after being given proper aftercare.  Take care of your henna to get the best possible color.How much will it cost?
Henna designs start at $20. Depending on the size and intricacy of the design, the price increases. Most people select a budget in the $25-$35 range which gives you a nice sized henna design. 

I work within your specified budget to create your custom henna design giving you the most possible henna for your money. I can inflict some serious henna damage with bigger budgets!

Bridal henna is much more intricate than standard henna. For bridal henna, contact me with details about your budget and/or how much coverage you want. I do not offer bridal henna outside of the shop. In the shop, I allow a maximum of 3 hours of henna per appointment which is enough for simple to moderately detailed bridal work. For full bridal work, I suggest you contact one of the artists in the local Orlando henna artist list. Ena of The Henna Studio and Tejal specialize in bridal henna work. 

Sample henna pictures and henna prices are listed at the bottom of this page.

$45 Amazon warrior princess henna!  This beautiful strong henna designs leaves a rich henna stain.What kind of henna designs and henna styles can I have?
Anything you want! I do henna a bit differently than many henna artists. I don't hand you a book where you select the henna design you want. I like to work with you and draw from your personal energy to give you a custom one-of-a-kind henna tattoo design. 

You are welcome to bring in a specific design for me to recreate in henna or bring in something just for inspiration. You can print out henna designs from our FaceBook page. See below for a small sample of my work with pricing. 

It's always best to print a design rather than rely on your phone. If you want something specific, email it me first or print it up to bring with you. 

Got another idea?  Challenge me!

Henna in Florida, central Florida Orlando henna artist
Does henna have to be on my hands or feet?
Of course not!  Henna takes best to the hands and feet, but can be done anywhere on the body: back, shoulder, tummy arms, legs, wherever! 

The hands and feet get the darkest henna stain and the further away from those area you get, the lighter your stain. 

Be sure to dress appropriately for where you want your henna to be located.  If you want henna in the upper back, you'll need to wear a shirt that exposes that area.

$50 Henna stains darkest on the palms and gets lighter the further away you get.
How long does it last & what color will it be?

The color and longevity of henna tattoos varies by a number of factors including how long you leave the henna paste in contact with your skin, what part of the body the henna decorates, how clean and oil-free the area is, your skin chemistry, and how you care for your henna tattoo. 

Your henna will start off an orange color.  Picture of henna paste still on skin for Indian mehndi designIt will continue to cure over a couple of days, darkening to a brown or reddish brown color. The hands and feet will give you the darkest color.  The further away from these areas you get, the lighter your henna stain.

Your best color is 2 or 3 days after the henna is applied. After that, the skin cells will start exfoliating away "fading" your henna tattoo stain.  Normally, you can expect 5-10 days of good color and full exfoliation in 1-3 weeks. 

Henna tattoo stain just after henna paste removal.Keep in mind, frequent hand washing or dish washing will make your henna tattoo disappear very quickly. Swimming will really make it disappear quickly.

The life span of henna is shown with this foot henna design. The picture of the "black" henna is the henna paste still on the skin (henna is NEVER actually black). The orange henna tattoo is the stain just after paste removal. The darker red brown henna tattoo is the final stain, two days after the henna design was done.

$30 This is a nice henna stain in a traditional Moroccan henna design style.
Fully cured henna tattoo 2 days after mehndi paste removal

Henna is darkest on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet and gets lighter the further away from the hands and feet you get. 

Keep in mind, the final color of your henna stain depends on many many factors. Reading though this entire page will allow you to get the best possible color. 

Look at all the different colors represented in these sample pictures of henna and they are all on me!

$15 Pretty henna flower design by Jody Orlando henna artistCan I see samples of your work?

Sure! At the bottom of these FAQs, you'll find a small sampling of my work and their pricing.  Check out our
FaceBook Page page for tons of henna pictures.
Feel free to print out pictures and bring them in for your appointment to show me what you like.

See below for a small sample of my work with pricing.

Do I have to wear specific clothing or otherwise prepare for henna?

Dress appropriately for where you want your henna doneWear comfortable clothing that will expose the area you want hennaed. Remember, henna will stain clothing along with your skin.

If you are doing henna on your feet, consider wearing thin-strap flip flops that I can henna around, so you don't have to leave the studio barefoot.

If you are doing tummy tuck scar coverage (or belly henna), I suggest your wear a loose dress with a pair of shorts under it. You can pull up the dress and lower the shorts to just under the scar while we apply the henna paste. Once the henna is set,
you can carefully put the dress back down without harming your henna.

Avoid any oils or lotions in the area you want hennaed. 
If you use a heavy body butter, avoid using it a day or two before your henna tattoo appointment. Body butters can take some time to clear out of the skin cells. 
You need clean dry skin to get the best color.

Avoid self tanners in the area to be hennaed. Henna has trouble bonding with skin cells that have self tanner. Henna needs to be able to bond to clean open skin cells for the best possible henna color.

applying henna traditionally using a hand rolled henna cone with custom henna mix
How long do I have to keep the henna on my skin and how do I care for my henna tattoo?
The longer you keep the henna paste in contact with your skin, the darker and longer lasting your henna tattoo stain. Keep the henna paste on for 4 hours or more. It's also best to avoid water on your henna tattoo for the rest of the day. If possible, wait to encounter water on your henna until the next day.

Keeping the skin as warm as possible while the paste is on the skin will give you a much darker henna tattoo stain.

Henna is actually a permanent stain. The henna doesn't fade away,
your skin cells exfoliate off, thus "fading" your henna. Anything you
do that is exfoliating, will "fade" your henna tattoo quicker.

Your henna tattoo will have good color 5-10 days and fully exfoliate away 1-3 weeks.

Extra dark henna stain from Beachcombers Bazaar Jamila hennaIs henna safe? 
What's in your henna?

YES, henna is absolutely safe!  We only use all natural henna that is mixed by me, Jody. I use pure henna powder (either Jamila or ORa Organic Rajasthani henna powder), lemon juice, sugar, and pure lavender and tea tree essential oils. 

We never use henna mixed with unsafe chemicals and never offer "black" henna.  Henna is NOT black! 

***Learn more about henna safety here. 

Any time you get henna from anyone, your henna artist should ALWAYS tell you what is in their henna and the henna should NEVER be black.

We only henna clients that are above 8 years old.

How do I schedule an appointment?
Appointments are scheduled via phone 407-236-7878 or email.

Buy fresh Jamila henna powder in Orlando. Henna powder shipped worldwide.

Can I buy henna products from you?
YES! We offer the largest selection of henna products in Florida at our Orlando offices and henna studio. Pick-up is by appointment only. We have fresh henna powder including ORa Organic Rajasthani henna and Jamila henna along with ready-made henna paste. Easy to use henna kits start at only $14.99. 

Give us a call to schedule an appointment to pick up your henna order. Let us know what you need and we'll have your order ready for you when you get here.
Beachcombers offices & henna studio in Orlando FL. Henna by appointment
You can shop our henna products online at our shopping website, www.ShopBeachcombers.com.

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How can I learn more about henna?
Learn how to henna at Henna University in Orlando. Henna workshops and mehndi classes availableSee my henna help site, The Henna Learning Center at www.HennaHelp.com for a ton of information about henna tattoos. 

Henna Classes & Henna Workshops
I teach henna classes throughout the year. Sign up for our email list to be notified of events including henna classes.


Henna Pricing

The cost of henna depends on the size and intricacy of each henna design.  I work within your budget to give you the most possible henna for your money. 

I can adjust designs by making them smaller or simplifying the design to keep within your specified budget. 

The most popular budget range is
$25-40.  Below are pictures of henna designs broken down by price.

Below are samples of $20 Henna Designs

Below are samples of $25 henna designs

Each foot is $25                                         Each foot is $25

Below are samples of $30-35 henna designs

Both hands $35                                         $30 each                                        

Samples of henna designs $40 and up...

Belly Henna $85                                                       Belly Henna $75
Belly henna starts at $45 for very simple small designs and ranges to $150, generally. 
Most pre-natal belly henna designs take a minimum of an hour.

$75 for Intricate Bridal Style (Single Arm)    $90 Tribal Back (based on a picture)

$50 for both feet                                        $60 Floral Back Design

Hennaed Feet $75 (for both feet)

Henna Hands $70 (for both hands)            Free Form Body Henna $60

Each foot is $20                                        $50 for Both Hands ($40 for simple fingers)

Tattoo Try-Out Henna $80                           Extra Heavy Coverage Henna $50

Tummy Tuck Scar Coverage $80                Tummy Tuck Scar Coverage $70

Tummy Tuck Scar Coverage $55                Tummy Tuck Scar Coverage $65

Copy from Customer Sample $50                Free Flowing Shoulder & Back Henna $40

Both Hands $65                                        Both Flowered Feet with Toes $60

Double Hand Mandalas $40 (both hands)     Hand and Forearm Henna $45

$50 for both hands                                     $45 for both hands

$75 both hands ($60 without solid fingers)     $50 for both hands

$90 for both hands (extra small work)          $70 for both hands

Light Bridal Style Hands $90                        Simple bridal work tops of hands, feet $120

Moderately detailed bridal henna both sides of hands & simple feet $230

I don't offer full scale bridal henna in the studio. The maximum appointment time is 3 hours. Simple bridal henna will range from $150-$250 (simple to moderate detailed hands and feet).

For full bridal work, I encourage brides to use a henna artist that comes to their location.

Try our local Orlando henna artist list. On the first page of this artist list, Ena and Tejal specialize in bridal work.


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